Thursday, July 1, 2010

15 in the mail!

Well I did it! With tremendous help and encouragement from the Hubby, I mailed out 15 cover letters and resumes today! I guess that means I'm officially on the job hunt. After today's work day, I'm extremely happy about this and excited for prospective calls in the next few weeks. I've decided that if I don't get any calls at all, then it maybe is not the right time to make such a big change, but I'm secretly hoping they call...and all of them :)

The blood sugar has been really good over the past few days- all under 120 and only going low a few times. Working out has continued to be difficult but I've managed with keeping a positive attitude and help of hubby encouragement. We did some ab work a couple days ago, ohhhh myyyy goddd!! Killing me today to even bend over...but it feels good to hurt :)

I'm sure the blood sugars will be shot this weekend. I'm baking tonight and getting ready for Hubby's Granny's 80th birthday party. I'm excited for amazing family time but not excited for the sugars to come. I'm going to try reallly really hard to keep it under control and not go overboard with I tend to do!

On a side note....watched Shutter Island last night...CREEPY!


  1. Way to go! No doubt you will have 15 prospective employers knocking down your door anytime soon! :)

    Best of luck :D

  2. Thanks!! I hope so! Wouldn't that be the ultimate to pick from 15 jobs??