Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Please don't hit your children.....

This is a true and begging plea. PLEASE DO NOT hit your children. It is not okay to punch your kid in the face, twist their arm, call them fucking morons or tie them up to a stroller. YES- these are all experiences I've witnessed over the past year and I hope I've witnessed my last one today. This makes my job miserable, does horrible things for my blood sugar, and makes me want to run across the room and tackle the person abusing.

As a supervisor, I witness many things on a daily basis regarding parenting. Being an Early Childhood Specialist is no easy task, especially when things such as the above happen. Today, as I was interrupted in my meeting, a woman (in a public place mind you) was literally punching her child in the face until his nose began to bleed. By the time I got to the location, I was unable to witness but took the accounts of witnesses all around. As our safety team jumped in to help clean up the nose bleed, safety officer #1 noticed bruises all over the kid's (about 5 yrs) body. When she questioned him, he replies "I have bruises and cuts all over my body." I jump in to take action, prepare to call 911, when stupid mom caught on I was watching and bolted for the door. As she headed out, repeatedly hitting her child and twisting his arm, I followed after her. We were fortunate enough to get a license plate number and make/model of her car...but come on people. WHY DO YOU HIT YOUR CHILDREN? NOT OKAY!

I made a call to Children's Services and they assured me they will follow up. Luckily we had more than one witness and I gave them all the info- they assured me that they can use the license plate number to follow up- since it was a face injury- she assured me this. I must have faith in the system, I must have faith in the system, I must have faith in the system.....

UGH- horrible horrible horrible. So many people WANT to raise healthy and happy children and these morons out there are ruining our children, people who don't even want them or respect them or value you them for their uniqueness.

So do me a favor, when you see a child being abused, please make the call and report it...have faith in the system!

Sorry for the fiery post- this is one thing I ABSOLUTELY do not tolerate.


  1. That is awful that someone would treat their child that way...it really pisses me off! I hope they catch that lady and throw her in jail.

  2. OMG. I want to punch that mother until she bleeds and I don't believe in violence. You're absolutely right - so many good people want children and shitty people like that have kids. I don't care what her excuse is, nothing would fit. Grrrrr.

  3. Wow. I can't even comprehend WATCHING this being done to a child, let alone being the one doing the hitting. It makes me mad just reading about it. I don't know you do that job but I'm glad there are people out there like you who can do it and protect these children. Stay strong!

  4. This breaks my heart. If you don't want your kids, give them to me! There are so many people out there who would take a child. :( And then there are the stupid people who chose not to care for their children properly.
    I hope the system works and something is done a.s.a.p.

  5. Oh that made me feel sick!

    How on Earth can someone DO this? To a little 5 year old? That is revolting. That woman needs to be shown what an absolute gift she has in her child. It makes me quite unhappy to know that this ugly person mistreats their child, yet for me and my husband, and thousands of others worldwide, having a child is not that easy. Sad. So sad.

    Just know I really respect and admire you for helping and dealing with these issues.

  6. Saffy - I will help you beat her, or hold her down for you or something.
    This is so unacceptable, for any reason. And what an aweful thing to witness.

  7. Thanks everyone- it's nice to hear that others are as passionate about I am about preventing child abuse.

  8. It is SO sad. I saw a mom smacking her daughter at a bus stop a few months back. I was SHOCKED. I didn't know what to do... but afterward, I knew what to do if it ever happened again. It's so sad! I am glad you acted so quickly - I think most people just sit back and watch, which is almost just as bad as beating the kid.