Monday, July 19, 2010

Canoeing and the pump

For our staycation this week, Hubby and I have decided to do a couple of day trips. was canoeing.

I have never been canoeing in my entire life and to say that I was not terrified would be a complete lie. However, the Hubby really really wanted to try it and so what the heck, I thought I'd give it a try. We looked up some local canoeing rental places and picked one about a half hour from where we live on a big creek.

My first question was....."what do we do if the canoe tips?"

My second questions was..."what the heck am I going to do about my pump?"

The canoe trip was roughly 6 miles and could take up to 4 hours to going without the pump for that long could have posed a problem. I pushed off an exact plan until this morning.

I got on minimed's website and tried to see if they made any "waterproof case" for my pump....nothing- although I read that many people use the sports pack....not sure about that. Let me know if that has worked for you.

So, this morning we got up and ready to go and I double bagged my meter, my phone, and my camera. I tested before we left and my blood sugar was fairly stable. Then the Hubby brought up a good point- canoeing is going to be exercise, so perhaps I didn't need my pump at all.

Good I took it off and left it in the car...I was at 148.

We canoed for a little over 3 hours and had a complete blast. We didn't tip at all....although there were a few close calls. Every time we came to a point in the creek that had rapids, our boat got turned around and we sailed through backwards almost the entire time. We did see many turtles and even saw a HUGE fish jump out of the water. It was really exciting and we laughed almost the entire time.

We made it back, sunburned and tired, but safe and sound. I tested again when we got back to the car and I was at 136....Yay! Not a bad number for being off the pump for 3+ hours!

So, the moral of the story....don't let the pump keep you from canoeing!


  1. that's amazing. I have never been disconnected that long. I notice my sugar going up even after 30 minutes of being disconnected- mind you i wasn't exercising at the time. So glad that your numbers played nice :) and you enjoyed your staycation adventure!

  2. Lindsay,
    For future activities you might want to consider getting a case called the "FRIO insulin pump wallet" I have one and I use it and it's particularly great for Hot Yoga! It truly works! I think it cost me like $30 or so. I highly recommend it.
    Amanda S.

  3. Glad you got to canoe! My BF always wants to kayak and I have the same fear. Maybe next time I will actually do it; sans pump. =)

  4. Glad you figured out a way to make it work!! Looks like you had a great time!

  5. That sounds amazing!! I might have to convince my husband to take a little canoe trip too! I was wondering about this same deal (pump wise) with water rafting. I had the opportunity to go recently, but declined because I wasn't sure what to do with my pump! I usually consult the DOC for that sort of thing, but it was during my camping trip so there was no internet access. I'm so glad you had a good time! I love the pics :)

  6. Sounds like awesome fun! So glad you kept nice steady numbers - what an achievement! :D

  7. Awesome post - and good for you for canoeing that long and recapping it here! I love that you said you laughed the whole way!