Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks Over Toccoa

So...this book is by Jeffry Stepakoff and I loved it! It was a perfect and easy short read for the 4th of July holiday. However, it made me count my blessings. When I finished the book, I went over and crawled in Hubby's lap and just hugged him for 5 minutes.

I couldn't imagine not being with the one I love...and for that...I'm thankful.

I had a great weekend but complained mainly about not having "official plans" for the holiday. We mainly layed around most of the morning and then hiked about 5 miles (without a low blood sugar!). We had a great dinner and time with friends, but it felt like a normal day...and not like the 4th of July. I was even kind of upset that we failed to put up the flag on our porch this year....and I think I was mainly said because I was not with my family or in the company of amazing friends as we were last year when my best friend got married.

However, in the midst of unnecessary sadness, the Hubby and I lit sparklers on the back deck. We used a candle to light them and wrote I love you's in the air and danced around like kids. The neighbors were setting off some pretty good fireworks, so we were able to take in a moment to ourselves and I loved it.

It made me long and desire for a time when little kids will be running around in the backyard catching fireflies or with sparklers in hand, watching the excitement in their eyes as their sparklers sizzle in a bucket of water after their short life of beauty. These are the possibilities in the years ahead and I'm excited, but thankful to share it all with him :)

On a side note- Granny's 80th birthday went off very well! The first things she said to me as she put her hand on my stomach and patted was "do you have something special in there for me?" Unfortunately not and I didn't know whether to take that as a sign of what she wanted or a sign of what she saw of my bulging stomach- but I'm going to think it's a nice birthday wish! Plus, we laughed a lot about it :)


  1. Oh Granny, you lovely lady! Definitely a sign of what she wanted, my dear!!!

    Yay for you going hiking and not hypoing - impressive :)

    Those little people will be running around the backyard before you know it. As weird as this sounds, try to enjoy the sleep ins and relish this time as a couple before life turns on its head - we think back fondly to our lovely weekends away and are pleased that we had that time together before D arrived. Not that we don't love her to pieces, just an awareness that it'll be a long time until we can so easily take off on a whim like that (as opposed to organizing the babysitters etc etc).

    Sorry for the ramble >:D<

  2. Sparklers are my favourite! Your Granny sounds really sweet - lots of people reckon children have an extra special connection to their grandparents :)