Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And the 3rd year begins...

Happily that is! The Hubby and I had a wonderful 2 year celebration of marriage on Monday! We both had the day off work and decided to spend it doing fun things with little cost. He woke me up and delivered Panara to me in bed- delicious chocolate chip toasted bagel with hazelnut cream cheese- an occasional and scrumptious delight! Although- this was the first time Panara came with hand-delivered fresh flowers- made me smile.

Since the 2nd anniversary is the "cotton" anniversary- I passed along some new cotton boxers for him to graciously wear (and hopefully throw out a few old ones :) TMI- I know...but why do men always wear the boxers with the holes in them...unnecessary in my opinion...but always makes me laugh!

We woke up and headed to the gym after picking up a delicious 5-inch cake from my favorite bakery down the street. The workout made me feel great. Off we headed for a picnic lunch up the road at our local State Park. We had a bottle of wine and some subs- but when we got there...the Cicada's attacked us....literally. They were EVERYWHERE and neither of us enjoyed the hiking moment of bugs flying all around. We did end up finding a nice quiet spot with a picnic table overlooking the lake and we had a very enjoyable lunch.

Because of the Cicada's- we ended up at a local wine tasting shop down the road where we shared a few tastes and opened a bottle of wine- which we finished later on our porch.

Dinner was great and the bottle of champagne we drank later that evening was even better- but we spent most of the day laughing and having a great time. This was our official "baby making" kick-off- so it was even more special. Luckily- I was not fertile during our wild wine and champagne day- so hopefully that will be my last drink for a while :) And...after that evening...I don't really want to look at a drink in a long time!

So tonight I'm extremely thankful for a wonderful husband and a wonderful marriage. I'm completely in love and excited to start having a family together.

This week did start off very stressful cousin asked me a favor...a BIG favor....and I'm still processing as my stomach is in knots....more to come on this soon....just pray for me to have strength and generosity in my heart.


  1. Congratulations!

    And I am with you on the boxers... My husband is the same with pajamas - and the elstic becomes to stretched it is ridiculous!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary and the baby-making news!

    Ditto on the boxer thing but for me this year it was the socks. My husband has socks from the beginning of time so I gave him tons of new socks for his birthday this year (along with other stuff he actually wanted) and threw away the old ones!

    Geez! Men call us pack-rats but they sure to hold onto stuff! ;-)

  3. The boxer thing is true for all men! Ugh! But congrats... and you are so lucky - it's gorgeous there! And just because they are family doesn't mean that doing what they ask is the best way to help them. I don't know what the question was... but sometimes the best way to help is in another method than what they ask for. Sending some positive energy so you can decide what is best for both of you. ***hugs***

  4. Congrats, Brooke! Glad you two had such a nice day together.

    I'm no the edge of my seat about the favor... do tell!