Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This will make your hair stand up!


Today at work (I work at a science museum)- I was scheduled with one of my co-workers to learn about our ElectroStatic know....the machine that makes your hair stand up or can send a shock to your fingertip!

Anyway- I was all super excited to learn this crazy new trick- as I was preparing for an upcoming workshop where I wanted to show the little kids a really cook trick and teach them something about lightning and static electricity!

Anyway- my poor co-worker goes through the ENTIRE training with me....and then says, I want you to come up here and try this- you have to FEEL the shock before you can do it with small children. So, I anxiously jump up on a stool so that I was not grounded.

She looks at me and says, "first, you have to lose all that stuff!" (as she pointed to a radio I was wearing AND my insulin pump).

I said back, "but I can't take that off, it's my insulin pump and I need it."

She says, "then you can't do this- it has the potential to either shock your pump or completely drain your battery."

UH OH- I contemplated this for a minute and thought- well, I could really just take it off and move it really really far away from me- then I would be fine...right?

NOPE! Hello- the stupid little transmitter battery from my CGM sensor is still attached to my body....and I WOULD NOT want to drain the battery from that sucker....that would cost me nearly $600.

So, no new science experiments for me....thanks Diabetes for getting in the way of my fun! You suck.

I told you this post would make your hair stand up!

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