Sunday, July 18, 2010

Veggie Delight and Staycation update!

I'm loving "veggie week." I really am. I'm on day 4 and I feel fabulous and I've been eating delicious food. The Hubby and I grilled out last night and had the most delicious mix of fresh vegetables. For a snack on Friday, I stopped at the farmer's market and ate a delicious half pint of fresh blackberries- YUMMY! I was actually documenting something I made for this blog, but now I'm going to save it for D-Feast Friday- which I'm super pumped about! So check back and see my easy and delicious concoction!

Staycation has been fabulous so far. Yesterday we went to a local art festival. I saw some awesome photography that I would have liked to purchase but I was unsure where to put it, so we were just lookers for the day and came home with nothing- but it was fun. We saw Inception yesterday evening- great movie- I love the kind where you have to actually think....

So, we grilled out veggie style last night and cracked open a bottle of wine from our Napa vacation. 2 bottles and a couple of beers later = me wondering how I got to bed last night! We had so much fun though- we sat out on our front porch and talked and drank...and drank some more. The second bottle was not even that great but we managed to swiftly drink it down. The neighbors brought over some cupcakes at one point-I'm pretty sure that was havoc on the blood sugar...but I didn't really think about it and that felt great!

I'm taking a break from the sensor for a couple days. I want to remember a sense of normalcy and it feels really good to not have to worry about the sensor falling off from sweating too much in this heat or coming undone in the shower- it's the little things! But I did like the "thigh spot" and plan on using it again- maybe I'll even get brave and try it on my arm....anyone have luck with that?

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