Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer sickness...

I knew that I was too lucky going through this entire Summer feeling fantastic. It was my turn I guess...

It started on Thursday at work...I left early, my blood sugar was up and down and up and down again. Then, I ran out of insulin at work and had a sort of panic (I knew I should have changed it that morning, but the hussle and bustle of the morning made me forget)- I was running pretty high, over 250 and not feeling so great. So I cleared out my schedule and headed home to refill and de-stress. I even went to the gym- I've been doing really well with that lately and I can see the results in my numbers.

Friday, I was off during the day, but I woke up with a mini-sore throat...the beginnings of a horrible cold. I mentally prepared myself to "handle the cold" so that I could make it through my fun filled weekend that I had planned. Friday night rolled around and I was blowing my nose a thousand times........

Saturday, woke up miserable....but we had a bunch of stuff to do- I slept for about an hour and then we headed on the short 2 hour drive South for guessed it...ANOTHER wedding. I made it through the wedding with stacks of tissues and bar napkins....but the cold was in full force.

We stayed with my SIL and my brother on Saturday night- a good time...excpet they have a dog...and I'm EXTREMELY allergic. She sent the dog to her parents for the weekend because of me, but it doesn't help. I woke up Sunday morning with watery eyes and they were nearly swollen shut. So...I took allergy meds AND the cold medicine and attempted to make it through the day without snotting over everything.

We celebrated my mom and my brother's birthday, I washed my hands fifty million times as I helped prepare food and get things together for our little cookout. My SIL filled me in a little about her infertility news- she's having an IUI this coming weekend and shared a little with me (that's another post)- but things are looking up.

We left my brother's house and drove home last night...I was still miserable...slept almost the entire way...woke up this morning and still feeling worse...I called into work. I don't want to feel gross all day, snotting and coughing all around everybody. My boss was understanding, so here I am...stuck at home...with an extremely sore nose and a horrible hacking cough.

The other bad news....Hubby woke up this morning with a sore throat....(this is where the music comes in!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update on "the visitor" AND the common comment...

Yes...that's right...those of you who've read my blog know that my cousin asked me for a little here.

So, it's been 3 weeks and I haven't heard from my cousin on whether her hubby was coming. So, I called her, thinking she would answer..nope. I left a message- please give me a call. Hubby and I are trying to prepare for your Hubby and need to get things in order. What time will he be here on Sunday, etc.

Nothing...nothing for 2 days..

until...I got a text message...yes...that's right....a TEXT message....

"My hubby will not be coming, his funding is on hold for a while. Thanks anyway."

COME ON! Do I not deserve a frickin' phone call? And with that...I'm over it....but completely relieved and happy we have a sense of normalcy again.

On another note, a youth volunteer at my place of employment was recently diagnosed with T1. Today was her first day back after getting diagnosed...she talked to me for a little bit but generally seemed happy and okay (for now). At the age of 13, I don't think it's hit her yet, but then again, her mom has T1, so she may be better prepared than I thought.

She brought her own lunch today, lots of packaged food- easy to carb count. I was standing in my boss' office with my boss and another co-worker when my boss said the following....

"I saw her earlier eating a VERY unhealthy lunch...and then she dove into the I asked her....'should you be eating that?"

My blood immediately boiled......I know my boss had good intentions and was generally looking out for the general health of our youth volunteer but I couldn't help but comment.

"Please don't take this the wrong way....but....the WORST thing you can say to a diabetic is....'should you be eating that?' I'm sure her lunch was checked by her mom and is probably packaged for easy carb counting."

I know that the volunteer was probably sneaking some candy...but it still made me get all uptight about that common comment that non-D's make.......

Do you think it's different when it comes to children and teenagers?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Test 1....

No LH surge.....I kinda figured that much given that today was the first day to "officially" test for an LH surge...can I still have sex tonight?? Haha!

What's with those stupid looking test things anyway? I literally had to spread out the entire instruction booklet from inside the box to understand how to read the results. It was like a newspaper....opening it up and holding it up to read it. Now, I'm a fairly smart person, but come on! If this line is lighter than this line, but if this line is darker than the other line....UGH!

At any rate, the blood sugar has been a little all over the place lately. I need to get it together and get things under control again. Honestly, I was doing sooo much better before the CGM, but for the benefit of trying to get pregnant, I'm going to stick with it. I put it on again a couple of days ago and so far it has not beeped at me that much, but it's still there...constantly haunting me.

My SIL and my brother went to their first appointment today with the fertility specialist. They are moving along quickly!! Their first doctor told her she was missing a fallopian tube and it would be nearly impossible for her to get pregnant on her own. Upon further investigation today at their fertility specialist, she is NOT missing a fallopian tube...what do ya's been there the whole time. She's now on fertility drugs and she goes in on September 3rd to find out when they will do the artificial insemination. I really hope that in September I get some amazing news that I'm going to be an Aunt....and hopefully my own news of being a mommy....but we'll see. Either way, I'm totally pulling for I'm completely dreading the consequences of me getting pregnant before her...just for emotional reasons.

So...I'm avoiding calling my cousin as well. Her husband is supposed to be coming this Sunday to stay with us for 3 weeks...however, I haven't heard a WORD from her in 3 weeks....last time we was kind of up in the I now need to make that dreaded phone call and cross my fingers that he may not be coming at all....but I'm prepared if he does....

Things at work are going well- lots of changes but I'm excited for the next couple months. I got a phone call today for another interview, but I promptly turned it down....with a smile on my face. At least one part of my life is settled for now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I broke down and bought the tests....

and I told myself I wouldn't do it....but I couldn't resist the temptation. The ovulation test was just staring at me.....and I caved...

I thought I would be able to give it a couple of months of trying...being hopeful that I didn't need the test....or that I could figure it out on my own...but what's the harm???

Oh least I don't have to think about it anymore.

Work update!!!! It's official, my co-worker is officially leaving...which means many good and positive things in my career ahead! Number 1- I get her office- which I'm totally excited about and thinking about paint colors now....2- no more Drama!!! 3- I think I actually may LOVE my job now that's she's gone. She's a really sweet person on a social level...but a pain in the ass to work I'm really excited about the journey ahead. Two more weeks with her and then she's outta here....

I met a lady today at work who had an insulin pump. She brings her daughter to the workshops I develop and has been for a long time. She saw my pump and asked me if I was a T1- and I got excited. We talked for a few minutes about pregnancy and babies. Her daughter is 2 and she wants to have another one. We're going to try and stay in touch- I told her it was nice to know someone in person who I can talk to!

We have another wedding this weekend...and next weekend as well...and the weekend after weekends are busy and I'm ready to do tonight the hubby and I are just chillin at home...gotta love movie nights!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back from The Big Apple!

and exhausted!

However, I'm extremely grateful for an amazing trip and wonderful time spent with my sis-in-law (my hubby's sis or HS)! We've had this trip planned for months and I was lucky enough to head up to NYC for 4 days to spend with her while Hubby flew to Chicago for a Bachelor party!

Thursday, we really just layed around all day and ate some good food. I was introduced to the wonderful commuter train system that NY has. HS commutes in from the city every day so the train was always on our schedule as we ventured into the city.

We drank lots of delicious Iced coffee, had a wonderful visit to her place of work at a prestigious newspaper which was REALLY exciting, ate good food and then headed off to the wax museum. Now, I would probably never ever visit the wax museum, but she's honestly the best person on the face of the planet to visit a wax museum with- it was quite hysterical and we had an amazing and comical time!

Friday, HS's girlfriend joined us for the remainder of the weekend!! Love them both and we had a great time. We ate at a delicious chinese restaurant on Friday night- lots of food and tea and lots of girl chatter- the time passed so quickly.

Saturday we commuted in to the city again, had a quick bite to eat for lunch and visited Strand near Union Square! I love used book stores more than anything and I spent a little over an hour browsing...and purchasing :) We then headed to Max Brenner's for dinner and dessert....OMG! That is the most fabulous and delicious place I've ever eaten! I purchased some chocolates for the Hubby and because I was starting to miss him a lot- but dinner had me refocused and I plan on taking my mom there in a few weeks when we visit just so I can try a different dessert!! We then headed back up to Broadway where we had AMAZING tickets to see Promises, Promises starring Kristen Chenowith and Sean Hayes!! It was really good, although the music was not my favorite, the overall experience was fabulous!

On a side we left Max Brenner's - CELEB siting!! Reese Witherspoon walked down the street stylin a grey dress and amazing tan boots! I didn't get to take a picture, but it was a super exciting moment!!

After the show, we headed back to the train station to catch the commuter train....and missed it by about 3 we waited another hour for the train...but that proved to be some interesting people watching!

Overall, I had a fabulous trip and I feel super blessed to have joined an amazing family!

The "getting home" part today was a little long, but I'm home and resting......and the period started unfortunately....Hubby and I are currently planning out the next month or so.....

very cute...but I think he was a little more sad than I was....which made me smile in a weird way, excited for our future!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Battling the Highs

Yesterday was a first for me in my almost 5 years of diagnosed T1. For nearly 2 days, I was running high at a nice 200. No matter how much I corrected, it wouldn't come down. In the beginning, I thought it was attributed to my horrible weekend of fun and eating and not really caring what I ate, but when I was at work yesterday afternoon and my blood sugar was at a steady 400- it hit me....

My insulin was bad!

It had to be...this had never happened to me before, but I started thinking about the last couple weeks and the high temperatures and all the traveling we've been doing. There was my friends wedding a few weeks ago, where my bag was left in the car for about 2 hours in the flaming heat.....

Then there was this weekend at the wedding, where again, my insulin was left in the car for a long period of time in the heat.....that had to be the problem.

So, I left work extremely worried and picked up a new insulin prescription....what do ya insulin....blood sugar comes down!

Now I'm just really really pissed that I wasted a half a bottle of insulin.....but at least I got it figured out. I still haven't thrown it away's sitting by the trash can...I just need to pull the trigger finger to push it over the edge....why can't I do that?

I'm still battling the highs a little bit though- I'm pretty much all over the place and really need to get it together...especially since I'll be in NYC all weekend...woot woot! I'm sure THAT will happen :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Settled for now

Thank you all for your encouraging words regarding my job interview! I was super excited that I got a bite but felt a little guilty about leaving a very busy day at work early to interview- but I have to keep my options open.

The good news- I got offered the job on the spot!

The not so good news (kinda)- I turned it down- almost immediately.

The pay was atrocious and there was no wiggle room on that like I had hoped. The people interviewing me really undersold the opportunity- telling me that in the event of any funding losses- I would be the first to go. They asked a lot of questions that turned me off the job...and really kinda made me appreciate my own job- after I explained everything I do- they asked "why do you want to leave?" I explained why, but I did have a lot of fun telling them how far I had come in my current position. The kicker with the job I was interviewing for was that there were no growth opportunities for me- which is ultimately what I'm looking for!

BUT.....I had my review at my current job on Friday with my boss- there are some developments in the new future which are going to change my job drastically- so I will keep you all posted. I left feeling pretty good and re-energized about what I'm actually doing.

With trying to get pregnant and everything- the Hubby and I talked and decided I would give my current job another year and reevaluate next summer.

This has been a crazy week- we were about 4 hours south this weekend to visit family and attend a wedding! We had a great time- I love hanging out with my big family- although I have to say that I'm extremely happy to be home and on my couch this evening.

The blood sugars have been a little all over the place- it's mostly me not being it's really hard when you are out of town and semi not controlling what you have for dinner (I know I should- but wedding food was decided..and I WAS going to eat it!) I took another few days off the sensor again and put it back on on Sunday- the first day is always WAY off, but it seems to be settling in and more accurate over the last day. I have a major bruise where I inserted it this didn't really hurt when I pushed the button, but man...that bruise is there for the long haul...ugh!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I got 1!

Yes, that's right! After months of searching for a new job and sending out 17 resumes- I finally got a job interview!

1 interview- but a good one at that. It's on Thursday at 2pm. I have to fake an appointment at my current job to get to the interview and home in time to change clothes- but I'm super excited...and nervous.

However, my suit pants are at my parents house- my mom was supposed to fix them months ago- and well- we've both forgotten about it- so we're meeting halfway tomorrow to make the exchange-I love my mom- she's great like that!

So now I'm researching and getting things ready- I need to be confident and ready to take some really hard questions..and I'm up for the task- but I really hope I'm doing the right thing....I guess it never hurts to get a little interview practice in!

My attitude at this point is- go to the interview for the experience- don't get hopeful about the job....

or a baby this month.......

But if I don't get either....I still may just cry...and that's okay!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh ovulation...

First of all- I apologize for the TMI of my last post to those of you who read it. I don't talk about sex that much, but it was a moment- so I posted!

So...back to...ohhhh....OVULATION. Since we are new on the TTC front, I have not invested in those handy ovulation tests to determine the best days to conceive. The Hubby and I decided we would give it a try on our own for a few months and just have lots of sex...however...I'm tired....really....LOL....and not in a bad way...but seriously- I'm not sure which day to take "off."

So, the craziness in me has been using google to pull up random ovulation calculators. I figured the more websites I went to, some key days would stand out and I would use that to go by. However, every single calculator is different and giving me different information- even though I'm entering in the EXACT information. So which one is correct?? I understand all the physical signs of ovulation and the counting, and I could take my temperature and mucus and all that....but is there not a standard calculation for figuring it out that works for most women??? According to all the calculators, I could be fertile anywhere between July 26 and August 4- but I'm sorry folks- that's a lot of sex.......

I need to figure out my body...I may just break down and buy the little tests....did anyone reading this have an easy way to calculate or a great website?? Advice?????

Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 days in a row

Really.....5 days in a row of sex.....could it get any better?

This is fun! And it must happen tonight because house guest will be here next Sunday night...yay for Sunday sex!

Nough said!