Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I got 1!

Yes, that's right! After months of searching for a new job and sending out 17 resumes- I finally got a job interview!

1 interview- but a good one at that. It's on Thursday at 2pm. I have to fake an appointment at my current job to get to the interview and home in time to change clothes- but I'm super excited...and nervous.

However, my suit pants are at my parents house- my mom was supposed to fix them months ago- and well- we've both forgotten about it- so we're meeting halfway tomorrow to make the exchange-I love my mom- she's great like that!

So now I'm researching and getting things ready- I need to be confident and ready to take some really hard questions..and I'm up for the task- but I really hope I'm doing the right thing....I guess it never hurts to get a little interview practice in!

My attitude at this point is- go to the interview for the experience- don't get hopeful about the job....

or a baby this month.......

But if I don't get either....I still may just cry...and that's okay!


  1. Good luck - hope it goes well today - let us know! :)

  2. Ooh how exciting! Best wishes for the interview! I am sure you will do well :D