Sunday, August 8, 2010

Settled for now

Thank you all for your encouraging words regarding my job interview! I was super excited that I got a bite but felt a little guilty about leaving a very busy day at work early to interview- but I have to keep my options open.

The good news- I got offered the job on the spot!

The not so good news (kinda)- I turned it down- almost immediately.

The pay was atrocious and there was no wiggle room on that like I had hoped. The people interviewing me really undersold the opportunity- telling me that in the event of any funding losses- I would be the first to go. They asked a lot of questions that turned me off the job...and really kinda made me appreciate my own job- after I explained everything I do- they asked "why do you want to leave?" I explained why, but I did have a lot of fun telling them how far I had come in my current position. The kicker with the job I was interviewing for was that there were no growth opportunities for me- which is ultimately what I'm looking for!

BUT.....I had my review at my current job on Friday with my boss- there are some developments in the new future which are going to change my job drastically- so I will keep you all posted. I left feeling pretty good and re-energized about what I'm actually doing.

With trying to get pregnant and everything- the Hubby and I talked and decided I would give my current job another year and reevaluate next summer.

This has been a crazy week- we were about 4 hours south this weekend to visit family and attend a wedding! We had a great time- I love hanging out with my big family- although I have to say that I'm extremely happy to be home and on my couch this evening.

The blood sugars have been a little all over the place- it's mostly me not being it's really hard when you are out of town and semi not controlling what you have for dinner (I know I should- but wedding food was decided..and I WAS going to eat it!) I took another few days off the sensor again and put it back on on Sunday- the first day is always WAY off, but it seems to be settling in and more accurate over the last day. I have a major bruise where I inserted it this didn't really hurt when I pushed the button, but man...that bruise is there for the long haul...ugh!


  1. Bummer about the interview but it sounds like it gave you some good perspective on your current job! Good luck on the new developments there . . . who knows, maybe by next year it will be more of what you want it to be!

  2. Thanks Layne! I think it will be...still have my fingers crossed, but I hope it's a good year...I'm at least trying to have that attitude :)

  3. Crikey, they were cheeky weren't they???!

    I think your plan of staying where you are for now, especially with the personal adventure laying ahead of you seems like a great course of action.

    And of course it's going to be a good year! >:D<

  4. It's always nice to be wanted, even if it ended up not being the right opportunity! Glad it seems that things may be happening now with your current job. Will be interested to hear what's in store! And like Saffy said, it'll be nice to have some stability with everything else you've got going on. :)

  5. Thanks for the comment.
    Glad you got a bite and were able to interview (which is always good experience) but sorry it didn't work out. Sounds like you have exciting things happening in the future. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and hubby!

  6. That's a real confidence boost, being offered the job straight away like that :) Sounds like the right choice to have turned them down - less pay? No way! haha :P