Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer sickness...

I knew that I was too lucky going through this entire Summer feeling fantastic. It was my turn I guess...

It started on Thursday at work...I left early, my blood sugar was up and down and up and down again. Then, I ran out of insulin at work and had a sort of panic (I knew I should have changed it that morning, but the hussle and bustle of the morning made me forget)- I was running pretty high, over 250 and not feeling so great. So I cleared out my schedule and headed home to refill and de-stress. I even went to the gym- I've been doing really well with that lately and I can see the results in my numbers.

Friday, I was off during the day, but I woke up with a mini-sore throat...the beginnings of a horrible cold. I mentally prepared myself to "handle the cold" so that I could make it through my fun filled weekend that I had planned. Friday night rolled around and I was blowing my nose a thousand times........

Saturday, woke up miserable....but we had a bunch of stuff to do- I slept for about an hour and then we headed on the short 2 hour drive South for guessed it...ANOTHER wedding. I made it through the wedding with stacks of tissues and bar napkins....but the cold was in full force.

We stayed with my SIL and my brother on Saturday night- a good time...excpet they have a dog...and I'm EXTREMELY allergic. She sent the dog to her parents for the weekend because of me, but it doesn't help. I woke up Sunday morning with watery eyes and they were nearly swollen shut. So...I took allergy meds AND the cold medicine and attempted to make it through the day without snotting over everything.

We celebrated my mom and my brother's birthday, I washed my hands fifty million times as I helped prepare food and get things together for our little cookout. My SIL filled me in a little about her infertility news- she's having an IUI this coming weekend and shared a little with me (that's another post)- but things are looking up.

We left my brother's house and drove home last night...I was still miserable...slept almost the entire way...woke up this morning and still feeling worse...I called into work. I don't want to feel gross all day, snotting and coughing all around everybody. My boss was understanding, so here I am...stuck at home...with an extremely sore nose and a horrible hacking cough.

The other bad news....Hubby woke up this morning with a sore throat....(this is where the music comes in!)


  1. That's a huge bummer on getting a cold - it always seems that much crueler when they attack in the summer. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  2. Ugh. Poor old you. Hope you both feel better soon!

  3. Sorry to hear about the sick. That's no fun. Hopefully it didn't stick around and you're feeling back to better by now.