Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Battling the Highs

Yesterday was a first for me in my almost 5 years of diagnosed T1. For nearly 2 days, I was running high at a nice 200. No matter how much I corrected, it wouldn't come down. In the beginning, I thought it was attributed to my horrible weekend of fun and eating and not really caring what I ate, but when I was at work yesterday afternoon and my blood sugar was at a steady 400- it hit me....

My insulin was bad!

It had to be...this had never happened to me before, but I started thinking about the last couple weeks and the high temperatures and all the traveling we've been doing. There was my friends wedding a few weeks ago, where my bag was left in the car for about 2 hours in the flaming heat.....

Then there was this weekend at the wedding, where again, my insulin was left in the car for a long period of time in the heat.....that had to be the problem.

So, I left work extremely worried and picked up a new insulin prescription....what do ya know.....new insulin....blood sugar comes down!

Now I'm just really really pissed that I wasted a half a bottle of insulin.....but at least I got it figured out. I still haven't thrown it away though....it's sitting by the trash can...I just need to pull the trigger finger to push it over the edge....why can't I do that?

I'm still battling the highs a little bit though- I'm pretty much all over the place and really need to get it together...especially since I'll be in NYC all weekend...woot woot! I'm sure THAT will happen :)


  1. Let it go. As much as we hate to waste the money - running that high for too long will cost you more in the long run. I hate how insulin is so finicky! Bleh.

  2. I hate when stuff like that happens and then you have to troubleshoot for (what feels like) forever! And since I'm a cheapskate I hate feeling like I ripped out a perfectly good site and used up more supplies and it didn't fix anything. Ditto with insulin.

    But it happens. At least you figured it out pretty quick! ;-)

  3. Oh no, you'll be in my city and I'm leaving for the weekend! Hope you have a great time! Hopefully you'll do lots of walking which will help with highs.

    Sorry your insulin went bad, that would annoy me too to have to waste some, but I guess there isn't really another option. Hope the highs come down!

  4. Argh! Me too! It took me about a day and a half to figure out that it was the insulin, not my carb counting or anything else :P At least once you figure it out, just get a new bottle and it's all good again :)

    Hope you have an exciting weekend!

  5. I hate that the only way we know the insulin went bad is that our BG's run high. Why can't the stuff turn bright red or something?

    Glad that you figured it out before too long.