Monday, June 28, 2010

Gym take 2~

I'm going to do it...I'm going to try the gym again after I eat dinner and pray really really hard that my blood sugar will stay high enough to prevent me from stopping. It seems that I only have success when I work out pre-dinner- but that is totally inconvenient for me and I WILL find a solution.

It was such a victorious feeling to make it a full hour on the eliptical with no drop in blood sugar and steady numbers afterward. It's motivating to make me go again this evening- perhaps watching the bachelorette as I go!

So the hubby and I are back on track for TTC I believe. Our 2 year anniversary is swiftly approaching in less than a month and he's on board, and so am I. I love that he is so concerned and has started talking about his feelings more- I feel so much more in tune to our wants and needs. We were joking around about baby names last night and he threw out the name "Larry" for a boy. Are you kidding me?? No offense to anyone names Larry out there, but seriously....not a good fit for our household. The hubby got a big kick out of my reaction so he continues to mention wouldn't surprise me if he uses it sooo much that we actually do end up with a little Larry one day....

So now that the emotions are back on track, I'm still not feeling the medtronic CGM- it's wrong all the time and continually says that I'm low still when I'm absolutely not. I'm not sure what to do- stick with it for a couple more weeks? I'm more in tune with the D than I ever have been and I did get the A1c down to 6.3 without it, so I'm wondering what the point is.....

Wish me luck as I eat and head to the gym....keep those sugars high!


  1. Good luck! Have fun at the gym :) And kudos to you on that briliant A1c too!

  2. Hope you had a good night at the gym last night! And what a crazy episode of Bachelorette, huh? I bet that kept you entertained on the eliptical! ;-)

    Congrats on being back on the TTC train. How exciting! Good luck and happy (almost) anniversary!

    As far as the CGM, I don't think that anything has the potential to be as frustrating as those things. If you feel like you can do just as well, let it go. The stress isn't good for you, your sugars or any potential babies! I had one for about a month and it drove me batty! I like that I can fall back on it if I need it but I definitely need a break from it every now and then!


  3. "Larry". LOVE IT (kidding!) I literally went through 50 names with my husband before he FINALLY agreed to like something. Every response was either "Oh I work with too many of those" "She was a bitch in high school" "Too nerdy" "Too common". Ugh, MEN!

  4. That's what we keep doing! We know someone with almost every single boys name....we have a girl's name all set, but the boys are hard...UGH! Larry is kinda sticking...unfortunately..and I'm not even pregnant!