Monday, June 7, 2010

I can do anything for 30 days!

Do you see the optimism in my title? It's going to happen...and all of YOU are going to make me do it!

I've pretty much decided that I'm fat and I need to lose a few pounds...especially before a baby is on the way and I can't lose it all. Plus, I need to look better for all the sex I'm going to be having over the next couple months. I figure...if I'm more confident in the way I look, I'll be more in the mood which = better baby making fun :)

At any rate..I've decided to try working out for 30 days and see how much weight I can lose....because I can do ANYTHING for 30 days right? I like this goal because there is no set amount of pounds that needs to be lost...just a commitment to be more active and work out/run/walk/hike every single day for 30 days...can't be that hard right? You all need to yell and scream at me and remind me of my promise to myself, my future child, and my sex life that this will be good for me!

I go to the eye doctor on Friday...hoping for a good check up.....endo is next week...hoping for an even better check up. Blood sugars have been good for the most part..until I ate some Salty Carmel Jeni's ice cream tonight- I can never resist it...especially when the Hubby is out of town and I'm home alone. I've given up "giving up ice cream"- I'll forever be an ice cream junkie and that is also in my 30 day plan.


  1. LOL you crack me up :) Brilliant reasons for shedding a few pounds, me thinks. I especially like that you're not setting any goal except living healthier. Still smiling :) Thank goodness no-one does a salty caramel flavored ice cream here - I'd be addicted! Is today Day 1?

  2. Awesome! You can do it! Go! go! go! go!

    You know the best part of this plan is that a) I think it is achievable, and b) certain baby-makin' activities also count as exercise! It's perfect :D

  3. Well...considering I just finished off the remainder of the Salty Carmel (OMG- AMAZING!)- I'm thinking that tonight needs to start Day 1.

    Since the Hubby is out of town...I can't really count baby-makin' activities as part of my exercise....darn it!

  4. Great plan. I am there with you. I have a couple of pounds I would like to lose before getting pregnant...mainly because I am hoping to be super lean before gaining so much baby weight as a diabetic mommy. I am really very healthy- eat well and work out regularly. I don't think I am worried so much about how much I gain during pregnancy as I am about how uncomfortable I am potentially going to feel growing larger and larger. Main concern of coarse is reaching those target blood sugars. My hubby and I are planning on starting to try in the next few weeks. Just waiting for the final thumbs up from my endo next Friday. So exciting.....
    Good luck to you!!!! I love following your posts!

  5. Thanks Lindsay! I'm glad you like my posts! I'm excited for you and starting to try- it's extremely exciting! I'll think about you next week when I'm at my endo as well! Keep me posted on what's going on with your progress!