Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The lows blow...

Today has not been that successful.Those of you who are reading my blog and hoping to find inspiration to work out.....I'm really not your girl. However, I did make a commitment to try 30 days...and that's still my plan. My plan was foiled today by a case of low blood sugars...pretty much ALL DAY. My day started off slow with a small stomach ache (and I was applying for a new job). I finally got my butt out of bed and headed into work. Low blood sugars in the morning...low blood sugars in the afternoon. I left work, and upon my arrival at home....my neighbors were out celebrating the neighborhood's last day of school. "Come drink some wine with us!" was all I heard and before you knew it...I was tipsy...and LOW! WTF??? This totally foiled my plan to work out (don't worry- I was going to run in the neighborhood, no driving after drinking...and plus...after tonight...no drinking- hopefully for the next 9 months). At any rate...it would NOT come up. I tested later tonight and it was at 41- my vision was going all wacky and I broke out in a cold sweat. It was a BAD low....the kind where I chewed 6 life savers and then went straight for the pantry and devoured almost an entire bag of chips. I hate it when I do that...so now I need to make it 31 days just to make up for all the calories I ate to correct the low. Ugh...so frustrating. Now I'm at 236- not surprising given my binge eating. Pump, pump away through the night. Hubby will be home tomorrow night so hopefully I can get back to normal.

On a good note...I hung 2 sets of curtains in the spare bedrooms this evening. I'm preparing for wonderful company this weekend- still so much to do!


  1. Bad lows!! :( My pump accidentally disconnected itself earlier so I *thought* I was running at about 90 but actually it was 490. Diabetes, who'd have it :p. Sigh.

    What color(s) are the curtains?

  2. I hate lows like that eh! Stress has a huge effect on my blood sugars. Sometimes I go low, sometimes high! I've never tried lifesavers, but my nurse has recommended Mentos to me. I usually choose juice cos it's quick and easy to drink.

    Did you have the job interview? how did it go? :)

  3. What are all these posts about lows? I may need to add my own because there must be something in the water?!? I've been in the 40s-50s for the last 2 days straight and CAN'T seem to get out of there! Even PIZZA didn't do the trick last night, my postprandial blood sugar was 80!! WTF?

    I wanna hear more about the new job? Same type of position? Have you heard back yet? Good luck!

  4. @Saffy- the curtains in one room are a pearl color and the other room I put up tan. I had a lot of fun finding a bedspread to go with them....however..I'm not the best at drilling in the wall!

    @Layne and Kaitake- I wish I had an interview for this job I applied for- but I just applied at this time and I'm praying really really hard that they'll call me back. I currently am an Early Childhood Specialist and Manager at a large science center. I love my job but feel the need for a change and this opportunity was too good to pass up. If I get an interview- I'll definitely keep you posted! Send good waves my way!