Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I was on my way to the gym

I took a half day today at work because I have to work on Saturday. I was all super excited, TIME TO WORK OUT! I had it all planned and was actually excited about finding the time to use my gym membership. I checked the CGM- rising high at 268 and climbing...way too high but a perfect opportunity to get a good workout in and bring that high down.

I got ready...ran 1 errand and my CGM beeps at me...Calibrate by 4pm! So...I steady...I check my BG with my meter...and what does it say.....74! WTF? I checked again......84! As if that was not enough......I checked once more just to be sure......71!

I guess I'm not going to the gym...and I didn't even feel the teeny tiny low but I usually do. I'm not sitting on the couch, eating a few apricots (healthy snack) to bring it back up and then a little bit high so that I can go get a good workout in to burn off the calories I just ate. UGH!

I went to the gym last night and only could workout for 20 minutes before plummeting to 74 and lower. I tried the Gatorade method...drink the sugar while I was working out...which miserably failed.

At least I had a fruit cup and grilled chicken salad for lunch...those damn apricots had to ruin everything :)

But...I am on my way to the gym...let's hope I'm not back in 20 minutes.


  1. For the record...I made it for 45 minutes at the gym! Woot woot!

  2. Whoo hooo on the 45 minutes!! Have you tried suspending the pump and eating 15 grams of carbs without insulin before workout? It (sometimes!) works for me.

  3. Oh crumbs, it's so annoying when a bung blood sugar stops a workout eh?

    I normally eat a banana before any exercise, cos it's quite long lasting and I luuuurve bananas :P

    Way to with 45 mins! :D

  4. I was going to suggest taking your pump off too ;) That's what I do if I'm going to go 'hard core'. Seems to work a trick.

    Great stuff on 45 minutes at the gym :)