Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mother nature attacks the end of the weekend!

As I write this post...mother nature is laying down the law! My goodness- storms are coming in quickly and the sky was more black than I've seen it in a long time. However, I love a good stormy Sunday evening- but it does make it difficult to go to work on a Monday.

The weekend was pretty good. My friend N and her new boyfriend came up for the night. I love having company because it gets my house clean...and we usually go somewhere good to eat- Mexican in this case...which I love! And....AND...then N wanted to take the new boy to Jeni's Ice Cream which a local place around here that has the BEST ice cream ever...I usually get Queen City Cayenne which is a very spicy and chocolaty delight and it was FANTASTIC. I've been trying to eat a more healthy diet this week and it's going pretty well so far (except for the large fillet of steak I had today for dinner and the ice cream). Although Man vs. Food is on right now and I'm tempted to eat a big basket of fries and a large grilled cheese sandwich.

I had to work Saturday morning which went really fast. I'm really conflicted about what I should decide to do at this point in my life. My job is amazing for the most part, but I think I'm ready for something new. I work with a bunch of women and I'm tired of all the drama. Does anyone else have drama in the work place? If so, I'm getting tired of it and I'm ready to move on. My resume is almost complete and ready to send out to a few agencies in the area this week- hopefully I'll get a bite!

Today was so much fun. The Hubby and I visited some local caverns in the area and we had a blast. The caves were a solid 54 degrees F and it felt wonderful in this dramatic heat wave of 90's this week. We laughed and laughed, took some photos (posted below) and then came home and watched a good movie - Extraordinary Measures- very good and grilled some steak on the grill! Now- we're watching the storm roll in and it's a big one!

On a great note- I got a good solid 1 HOUR workout in this morning with NO LOWS! It was amazing and I felt great- The trick was drinking a glass of soy milk right before I left which carried me steadily through the workout! It's motivating to get me there tomorrow :)

This is me at the "table" in the caverns- apparently the Wyandot Indians used this as a meeting place for tribal meetings and sacrifices! Pretty cool!


  1. How far underground are you in that pic? Those caverns look cool!

    Now you and Saffy are both talking about ice-cream, I may just have to break my non-icecream eating drought!

    Great to hear you had a good weekend. Good luck with the job hunt!

  2. We are several hundred feet underground! It was really amazing. Each chamber was different and one had a ceiling that was 100 foot tall!