Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the writing just got better!

The last week has been trying. Home from vacation and back to work really sucks, AND, on top of it all, our computer crashed. I'm surprised the cheap laptop lasted as long as it did, but we ended up having to pay $100 to retrieve my thousands of pictures over the past 3 years that were on my computer. The Hubby and I immediately began the shop for a new PC.

We picked one out and it was really nice (although secretly I REALLY REALLY wanted the MacBook Pro from Apple) but that didn't seem feasible in the budget with the TTC and all. I did a cancer fundraiser this past Saturday and the Hubby went out to buy the new computer that we had agreed on.

Arriving home from the fundraiser and on the table was sitting my new and wonderful MacBook Pro! I couldn't believe it! He's horrible at surprises, but this time he got me and I love him a little more for it!

I'm trying new things since this computer actually worked and was able to Skype with my best friend who lives in Iowa! It was awesome...totally made my crappy day all the more better!

At any rate, my CGM was supposed to arrive via UPS today, but it still hasn't. I already lied to the doctor and told her I got it on Friday (it was supposed to arrive on Friday), but now God is punishing me for lying to the endo which was really just a stab for her making me take an $800 class. I called Medtronic and left a message....do you think they called me back???? I'll give you one guess.

The Hubby and I are gearing up in baby mode though.....although I have a strong feeling that my period will come in the next couple days. We're still in the beginning stages of trying so I'm not worried, but just having fun. Hubby got really excited yesterday when we saw BABIES at the theatre....so cute and eye opening. I think it sealed the deal though that we are moving on the right track as we had great conversation the remainder of the evening :)


  1. I'm clucking for you :) That's so exciting. And what a lovely hubby getting you the ultimate Santa gift, huh? Just think - it won't be that long until you're posting pic after pic of your beautiful little person.

    (and as for the CGM that's just funny about the endo... and love their customer service :p)

  2. Babies!! I want to see that movie :) Good luck with everything!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Received the CGM today....tempted to try and start it up myself without doctor/d educ input....

    BABIES is fabulous.....go see it if you can...of course I'm totally in baby mode so that made it better!

  4. I SO want to see Babies, especially considering my job, but I'm going to have to be the dork who goes by herself because I think my husband is LESS than interested. ;-)

    And CONGRATS on picking a CGM. Having one has made a HUGE difference in how comfortable I feel with my blood sugars during the whole baby-making process.

    And I say be daring and DO IT! I started mine on my own. . .these things aren't as hard as they like to make them out to be. How else would they get anyone to come to $800 classes? ;-)

    Good Luck!

  5. Layne!

    I feel like I've been ignoring you! Can you tell I'm going back through all my posts and trying to follow up!

    It's worth it to see BABIES although it will give you baby fever like you wouldn't believe...but it got my hubby really really excited- hence- the disappointment from my post today.

    I may go ahead and try the CGM- if it was the DexCom- I might have done it by now...but since I went with Medtronic (the only reason really is because it goes with my pump and = one less thing to carry) but I hear it hurts so it's the only thing holding me back.

    Thanks for the good luck- I need it! When you started yours on your own...were you nervous?