Sunday, May 30, 2010

The CGM is on the way!

So...I told you all that I had a story regarding my CGM. After getting home from vacation (see pics below!), my Hubby and I attended an informational class at our local medical center/my doctor's office. I was trying to decide between the DexCom CGM or the Real Time System with Medtronic that will simply just become a part of my pump.

I went to this "informational meeting" with a couple questions in mind.
1. What is the cost going to be?
2. Is this going to hurt?

To make a really long story short...the class was helpful and I had a chance to talk to some other D's that have either just started using a CGM or are looking into it like me. Included in the class was this woman who was a T1 since the age of 9. When she became an adult, her kidneys began failing so she received a Pancreas/Kidney transplant. Her new pancreas worked for 17 YEARS and then just decided to stop working. Can you imagine being "cured" (minus all the meds you probably have to take) and then having it fail again...only to have to re-learn about managing Diabetes in 2010? She's on the list for another transplant, but the D educator was trying to tell her that if she gets everything under control, maybe she wouldn't want to go through another risky surgery. I don't know...but I felt bad for her and for a moment considered myself lucky to not have to make those choices.

At any rate, I decided to go with the Real Time System with Medtronic. Although I hear that the transmitter itself hurts a lot worse than DexCom, I already have the pump and it would be one less thing to carry around.

If I had the Dexcom...I would have to carry...
1. Dexcom Device
2. Wear my pump/ and infusion set
3. Wear the transmitter
4. Carry my BG meter

1. Pump
3. Meter


So, I made the decision and told the D educator who informed me that in addition to getting the CGM, I needed to take classes that go along with it...including a 6 hour/2 day class about reviewing DIABETES MANAGEMENT! Give me a fucking break.. I do not need a review on managing Diabetes.'s the costs $800....$800! No way....but then she told me that I HAD to take the class or the doc wouldn't write the prescription. In addition, D educator mistakenly told everyone that they have these classes for research I'm a guinea pig. I left very pissed off and feeling defeated.

I went ahead and ordered the CGM anyway...the stupid doc had already faxed in the prescription...what's she going to do to me when I don't take the class? I told the Medtronic rep my situation and she tried to talk me into taking the class...I told her I would take my chances.

So, the system is being shipped. The D educ. called me the next day and told me that the doctor waived the classes for me. I still have to take the sensor classes, but at least that seems a little more reasonable and I don't have to take 2 separate afternoons off at work during my busiest time of year.

The CGM is arriving on Tuesday...I'm excited to use it but hope I don't have some of the problems that many of you have had.

I posted some vacation photos below! Enjoy....I miss it already!

VEGAS! Outside the Bellagio! Beautiful day!

Yosemite National Park in California...on our way to Bridalvail Falls...absolutely beautiful!

On the way to low blood sugar reading on the ferry required me to pop some Life Savers!

The Hubby and I at Lake Tahoe!

Andretti Winery in Napa Valley, CA


  1. Look at you, you cute thing!!! :) (I love the lifesavers pic hehe!)

    A class? Pffff. AND charging $800 for it? Double pffff! Maybe you could train up and run those for a bit of substantial pocket money? :p How 'kind' of the doc to give you clearance to go the advanced classes only... actually I had a similar thing here with my pump and them wanting me to attend what felt like days of classes. I was like pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze I'm not a retard and this isn't rocket science... incl I don't need to go to cooking classes to learn about carbs!! :O

    I think you made the right choice with your cgm. I wore a pump and a separate cgm for a week and I felt like a machinery packhorse. You know - 2 little boxes ain't so cool.

  2. Yikes, that's one expensive class!! I'll be interested to hear how you like the CGM. I can't think about being attached to another thing right now, but I said he same thing about the pump at one point!

    The vacation looks great!! We're leaving soon for ours too!