Monday, May 10, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week Day 1: A Day in the Life...with Diabtes

First off- thanks to Karen for a late addition to Diabetes Blog Week! So happy I can still participate!

Here is a typical day...

6:15am- Alarm clock goes off...I hit the snooze. The Hubby rustles a bit.

6:30am- snooze one last time...Hubby get up to take a shower.

6:45am- Bob Nunnelly and the C-Team on NBC4i News....must see pet pics at 6:54am so Hubby and I can get a good laugh at stupid comments.

7:00am- Watch news headlines and finally drag myself...and my pump...out of bed.

7:05am- De-pump and get into the shower. I'm wondering what my BG is by this point.

7:20am- out of the shower and into the closet. Trying to decide what to wear and most importantly...where to hide the pump today. I'm pretty clever at hiding it in my bra strap, but most often settle for the pocket pager look.

7:45am- in the kitchen, pack my lunch,check the BG and bolus for a cereal bar and head out the door.

7:55am- finally eat my Strawberry cereal bar and occasionally hit Dunkin Donuts for a Decaf on my drive downtown (being Monday, this is usually the case).

8:25am- arrive at work.

8:55am- for the last month, I've been checking my BG after an hour...all is good!

Work work work work work

11:30am- start thinking about lunch.

12:00pm- check the BG- 107- bolus for the frozen pizza (lean) I'm about to eat.

12:15pm- eat lunch- so delicious. I also snuck a few mini-snickers as a little treat- sometimes having candy around at work is awful. I'm working on self-control- the baby factor is motivating.

2:45pm- BG is high- I can feel it- test and correct.

5:00pm- out the door and head for home...quick stop at the store (I got a new crock pot!)

5:45pm- finally home- deciding what to have for dinner. Trying to think healthy but the fridge and pantry have slim pickins since we are leaving for vacation on Saturday. The Hubby is working late so I don't have to worry about him for dinner- this usually leaves less healthy option because I go for the easy fix.

6:45pm-finally fix dinner, test BG, bolus and eat.

7:45pm- test again, and sometimes the Hubby gets home by this time!

8:45pm- usually ready for some ice cream (always :) but we don't have any in the house so I'll be good for today.

9:00pm-watching some TV and usually the Hubby and I have a LAN party.

10:30pm- test BG again before bed- watch TV, talk about babies! Hubby falls asleep!

3:00am- alarm goes off (I think it's 6:15am every time) and I test again....if all is well, I go back to sleep.

If it's's a different story....and the cycle continues!


  1. I'm glad you snooze the alarm as well ;) How long will you be doing the 3am testing for? That must bite. I understand why you're doing it, but still ;) Enjoy your crockpot. Ours is a lifesaver :)

  2. 153

    These are the numbers from the last 7 mornings at 3am. I hope to stop testing soon...but I have to get this figured out...trying to adjust basal rates is a b*tch. My BG seems to be great during the day now but horrible at 3am which has never been a problem...The crockpot is a life saver..truly...I got a new one today because my other one broke yesterday :) Funny how I'm 110% thrilled about the lock down lid!

  3. Ugh. I can see why you're testing :( Sugar Schmugars!!! :(

  4. The 3am sugars are a great idea. Major suckage . . . but still a great idea! I did a trial with the Dexcom a little bit ago and it left me dying to know my sugars constantly. Trying to make a baby means good sugars at all hours!

    BTW, I love the crockpot too! I have a cooking blog with a few slow-cooker recipes. They are a God-send if you want moist, tender meat for dinner and don't have hours too cook it. (And your husband is a major carnivore, like mine!)



  5. Hey Layne! Thanks for the comments! I will definately check out your crock pot recipes- my husband truly is a question about that!