Monday, May 3, 2010

Why do doctors make you feel stupid? My story...

So, I'm going to share my story- and you can either laugh at me (to yourself) or let me know if this has happened to you.

So...the last 4-5 days, I've been experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy. The last 4 mornings, I've woken up very nauseus and then it would continue on and off throughout the day. In addition, my boobs hurt soooo bad that I don't even have to touch them to feel the discomfort. My first reaction was of course- "I'm pregnant." Then...the symptoms kept on coming, "omg- is that my vision blurring?" and "I have I really?" Was I psyching myself out or is this the real thing? The emotions are way out of control!

I tell the Hubby how I'm feeling and he starts asking a bunch of questions of concern...ALL DAY! I love his concern about my health and everything...but every sound or noise I made, he's asking "what's wrong?" We run into the store and buy 3 pregnancy tests, but of course...I'm not expecting my period until May 10, and it's only May 3- too early to take a test.

I'm not a very patient person sometimes when it comes to knowing things, so I called this morning and made an appointment with my regular physician to get a blood pregnancy test. I was feeling better, and I'm pretty sure the slight rise in my blood sugar was because of the stress of worrying.

I walk into the appointment, the nurse didn't say a word which was completely disappointing and tells me to pee in a cup down the hall. I wanted to scream- "Lady- it's too early to do a urine test or I would have done it at home!" At any rate, I peed in the cup and waited for nearly 30 minutes back in the room. My regular physician was out, so I settled for Dr. Make you Feel like and Idiot. She asked me about my symptoms and I shot down the list and then tells me that my urine test was negative (NO SHIT- like I said before- it's too early!) I follow along and she tells me they are going to do a blood test (this is what I was waiting for)and crappy No Talk nurse walks back in the room- still not talking as if we had some huge fight.

Now- I've never been pregnant before- so I'm not sure how I will feel or what to expect or anything. So I ask the Replacement doctor- "Is it common for women to experience symptoms of pregnancy this early on?" She looked at me with her smirky smile and promptly reponded, "No...not at all!" Talk about making me feel so stupid! Is the internet all wrong? I mean- I've been reading all kinds of stories about women feeling pregnant before their period starts, but at any rate, she made me feel really dumb and I wished I had waited a couple more days to just take the urine test at home on my own.

Blood was drawn and Replacement Doc is of course doing "other tests" because my symptoms were so unusual and now I have to wait until tomorrow to get the results. I think my Hubby was relieved that I didn't have to tell him any big news over the phone.

So...I'm waiting as patiently as I can until tomorrow, praying that I'm right in my instincts so I can tell Replacement Doc that I'm not stupid and women can feel signs of pregnancy early on. But if she's right and I'm not pregnant- I'll probably be sad and feel even more stupid- but at any rate I'll have fun trying again next month :)

Has any other T1 women experienced early signs of pregnancy before a missed period??


  1. HELL YEAH!!!!! I *knew* well before the pee on a stick had 2 blue lines. Poor DH had to make a few trips to the store for test stock ups because it was about a week before the line really showed up - and I was too tight to pay for the digital ones. Once I had 5 definite positives (yes, really!) in a row, I saw the doc. He didn't bother doing a test - just referred me to the High Risk team, knowing that I'd tested "a couple of times" ;) So at 5wk I was under the Hospital team. Happens so fast :)

    (OH and in the early days I had better results of getting a proper positive by dipping the stick in a cup of pee rather than the whole stream thing - sorry TMI but you need to know... :) )

  2. I am 5 weeks pregnant (with baby #2), and have T1. I was definitely nauseous and had sore b00bs 4-5 days before my period was expected. I took a test the next day and it was positive.

    Here's something I heard while we were trying to conceive: If you have enough HCG hormone to have symptoms, you have enough to show up on a home pregnancy test. So if you are experiencing symptoms, then you have enough hormone to get a positive at home. If you get a negative, then your symptoms are likely phantom symptoms or the result of something else.

  3. Thank you Alyssa! It's really hard to know what to expect when you've never been pregnant before! Of course...I'm also adjusting to being OFF birth control so the soreness most likely was from just a normal period. But...we're trying, so I'll know now not to think I'm totally off the wall for feeling weird! Congrats on baby #2!