Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 6: I'm using the Wild Card!

I would love to participate in the lovely D-photo blog spree, but my posts have been pre-set because I'm in CALIFORNIA on vacation...I'll post some pics upon my return...and hopefully some comments to all the lovely blog postings that I'm missing. I will not apologize...I'm on vacation!

I have a few really short and STUPID diabetes mistakes that I've made over the past couple years that I will share instead!

Mistake #1- This seriously all happened in the same day. While getting in my car...I pulled the infusion set out of my abdomen for the very first time. I was in a hurry and I was PISSED that I pulled it out. I ran inside..grabbed my stuff...and plunk! Dropped my insulin bottle on the ground and it broke...smelling of horrid band-aid everywhere. I then ran back inside- reinserted the infusion set, back to my car...and bam...pulled the infusion set out of my abdomen AGAIN! FML...I've never ever pulled it out accidentally since then.

Mistake #2- I once had a bunch of girlfriends over for a girls' night. My friend who was known as a horrible cook once made this delicious looking chocolate/marshmallow delight. I was on a humalog pen and decided that I was going to indulge in this yummy dessert, because there is absolutely NO WAY it was going to taste bad....I was wrong. I took 10 units of insulin....took one bite...ran into the kitchen and spit it out. Not only was the dessert horrible...I then had to eat something else to cover for the 10 units of insulin I just took. Granola bars galore...but a hilarious story!

Mistake #3- I once went on a road trip to Iowa with my best friend (helping her move) and I took all my insulin supplies...and forgot the infusion set supplies. I had to stop at a random pharmacy and ask for needles...I think they thought I was on drugs..not a fun feeling and it pretty much made me worry the entire road trip.

Mistake #4- The day of my best friend's wedding (same friend mentioned above), I left my insulin pump on another friend's side table in her bathroom from taking a shower. I stayed with this friend the night before and then she left to go out of town. I went about my day preparing for my best friend's wedding for 4 hours before noticing I didn't have my pump. When I realized where I had left it, my other friend was 3 hours into her trip and had to call another friend to come let me into her apartment to pick up my as the Maid of Honor for I believe a split second my very best friend and beautiful bride worried about me more than her wedding for a minute!

Stupid things happen...but at least I can laugh at myself and my stupidity!


  1. Wow. Pulling out two sites and wrecking an entire bottle of insulin all in the space of 20 minutes? That. Seriously. Blows.

    I may have just crawled back in bed at that point and called the whole day a wash. Bummer! :-(

    I haven't completely pulled out a site yet with this pump. (I did it plenty with my old Diesetronic.) I've gotten it caught on plenty of things but either nothing happens or I only manage to tear about half off and I can save it.


    PS: Let me know if you find that backlight! ;-)

  2. Still working on finding the backlight...I have a "sensor class" coming up and I'm taking my meter with me so someone can show me where it's located....I JUST KNOW it's there somewhere!