Friday, June 11, 2010

Craptastic news...

Sorry to be such a bummer in the month of June...but in the words of my former co-worker...this is Bummer June. Here goes!

1. On Wednesday, my worked layed off 7 people. They waited until the end of the day and no one knew it was coming. I knew all of them and I feel SO BAD for them. The organization promised that this was a "strategic business move" and needed to eliminate wasteful positions. I think it's their ploy to deny the rest of us raises for another year. Oy!

2. I went to pick up my insulin prescription at the pharmacy. I usually get 2 vials for $50. However, the insurance company MedCo did an audit and now only allows me to get 1 vial for $50. They also want me to refill my prescription every 17 days. So basically, the costs of my insulin just doubled. I called the doctor and she wrote me a new prescription wording it in a way where I could get 2 bottles, but I still hate MedCo. Too bad my husband's insurance is not any better.

3. It's a long story and I'm not sure I'm 100% ready to talk in detail, but we are putting a hold on the TTC for a while. Hubby had a little "freak out" for lack of a better term and we need some time to talk some more. I don't want to move forward unless he's 100% sure and I'm okay with that...I just wish he had told me how he was feeling sooner. I was extremely upset but after looking at our busy summer, this may be the best decision for a while. Who knows....he may be ready by next month- we just are talking about it more and that's a good thing. It made me feel really stupid though.

4. When the Hubby got home from work yesterday, he noticed my car had a flat tire- Fan-fucking-tastic. The car place was already closed and I needed to leave for doctor's appointments this morning before they opened- so I had to take Hubby to work and depend on a friend to help me out.

5. In the process of moving some things from my car to my Hubby's car because of the flat tire....I kicked a crate of stuff really really hard on accident and broke my pinky toe. OMG- it hurts so bad!

6, Went to the Diabetes Educator Sensor Class this morning! The sensor is in and I'm officially on a CGM! I bled pretty bad but the pain was NOT as bad as I thought it was going to be. However, about half way through the day while I was running errands, I ran out of insulin- so now I'm pissed it screwed with my numbers. My DE told me that I should not correct for highs under 250 for the next couple weeks so that we can find my baseline basal accurately- this is very hard.

7. Nurse looked at my toe- definitely broken- nothing that can be least I can walk.

8. Eye appointment went fabulous! No signs of diabetes damage- thank goodness- my contact prescription changed slightly. I love my eye doc. My Hubby told me I should marry him.......then I laughed for the first time today :)

9. I picked up the car from the tire place this afternoon- they DIDN'T charge me...I couldn't believe it...they fixed the hole for free. I decided that I love Discount Tire and may possibly purchase some tires from them in the future.

10. Sensor is working very well- I'm playing around with it the best I can. My entire house is CLEAN which is making me soooo happy. SiL and Bro, and my cousin and her husband are on their way up tonight for the weekend! I'm looking forward to it...minus the baby talk- but they are running a couple hours behind...hence I had time to post to all you lovely readers!

My mission is to be more positive next week....perhaps I will have good news...if not..I will make an effort to!


  1. Oh sweetie, big big hugs. What a week huh? I hope your weekend is lovely, that your toe mends quickly, that the CGM is brilliant and that all the other crap fades into the background. Don't feel stupid about the TTC/communication. At least it's all out in the open now and you can talk thru everything first. You so need a united front for this game. Again, big hugs and sending happy thoughts your way :)

  2. Oh heck! What a week! :( I just kept reading and people were getting fired, then you got a flat tyre, then the broken toe arrggh! Oh and the insurance company being d1cks must just be the icing on the cake.

    I understand what you feel about the TTC discussion, I've had a couple of those with hubby myself. I have decided it's probably cos we ladies spend so much more time considering that stuff. We think about it constantly, that the lads sometimes have a hard job playing catch-up to our mental state! Does that make sense?

    Anyway, sorry your week was so awful. It can only get better from here! Good news about the CGM, and the eyes, and the clean house (I'm envious!). Best wishes :D

  3. I'm sorry that you had such a shitty week! (((HUGS))) I hope things are better next week. :)