Thursday, September 9, 2010

My husband ate most of the candy!

Thanks to Scully for the delicious candy Rockets!! How sweet of her to send me these delicious treats!! Thank you sooo much, now I just have to stop the Hubby from eating them all! He loves them because they are "larger than a Smartie and therefore better." My Hubby loves anything from Canada as well and would do anything to become a duel citizen of the country- we visit frequently! It was a very UNnecessary gift but a wonderful surprise!!
Things have been a little hectic lately- lots of traveling and another trip with my mom to NYC as I posted in my last post. The Hubby is working long hours again so I'm adjusting again to meals at home by myself and renting movies. I would really like to motivate myself again to start the workout trend- I was doing so good and then I had that horrible cold. I really just need to get back on the train and keep chugging away.

I've been putting off inserting another sensor into my thigh. I'm not sure why I'm so hesitant, but I am. I have some horrible scars (dot size) on my thighs from the things and they look like massive bug bites. It really bothers me for some reason, but it is a better alternative than the stomach......I really just need to do it.

Apparently- I just need to do A LOT of things- like stop eating the junk that I've been eating lately. It's been horrible on the blood sugar, but lunch and dessert was provided at work today and I can't ever seem to stop myself from over indulging. I go on these binges every once in a while where my eyes are much more powerful than my brain....I need to STOP that too! UGH!


  1. I think a lack of willpower must be going around because I'm suffering from THE SAME THING!! I've been having these weird cravings lately, mostly for sweets and especially chocolate. I still don't have a great appetite, though, so I indulge in the sweets and feel too full and gross to eat real food! Yuck!

    And you reminded me that I need to order more CGM supplies. I ran out of sensors a couple of weeks ago and can't make myself order them . . . because then it means I have to use them and I REALLY don't want another sensor in me!! I'm being a wimp about it, but I need to get over it!

    So hang in there girl! I'm right there with ya!

  2. *tsk*tsk*tsk* to your husband! those giant rockets are for tasty low treatments!
    haha... thanks for the stuff, that was an appreciation gift.
    And hey, you want candy from Canada? just ask.
    though it sounds like you live close enough