Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little scare gives us a blessing!

The past week has been slightly crazy! Nausea has kicked up a notch...beyond a notch. I'm having trouble eating almost anything. It's screwing with my blood sugar and I panic that I'm not eating healthy enough. Vegetables DO NOT sound good at all....I gag at the sight of them. I seem to be able to tolerate most fruit, so I'll stick with that. Apricots are the fruit of choice...which I never really liked a lot of before.

A couple nights ago, I woke up with pain in my lower right side. It was pulsing feeling. More uncomfortable than painful, but it really freaked me out. I got my book out and started reading...and of course...the dreaded ectopic pregnancy comes up. I naturally exaggerated every little feeling and called the doctor first thing yesterday morning. I am trying not to be "that pregnant woman" who constantly thinks something is wrong...but sadly I did. I even downplayed it to the nurse I spoke to. I told her...."you can tell me I'm crazy." She said she would talk to the doctor and get back with me. Naturally, I had meetings at work that morning and missed the phone call back. It was 12:33pm and I noticed I had a was the doctor...they DEFINITELY wanted to see me- they scheduled an Ultrasound for 12:30- I was already 3 minutes late. At any rate....I called back and they seemed urgent to get me into the they pushed the US back to 1:40.

I called the hubby really quickly and packed up my stuff at work and went to pick him up. This was going to be our first ultrasound after all- but I was nervous and hesitant to get excited. I could still feel that pingy feeling in my lower right side.

It took forever to finally get into the US room....I guess that's what happens when you have an "emergency" appointment. But...the US tech began and low and behold....there was our "little bambino" as she said. It was clearly in my uterus and looking good. He/she is soooo little! But we were instantly in love...and in tears...especially when you hear that fast beating little heart for the first time. We were overjoyed...and then I double checked to make sure there was just 1 baby in there....check on that!

At any rate...the little pingy feeling on my lower right side is a cyst on my ovary....same type as the one I had in January. Amazing how something so small can affect you so much. So, I was not making up the feeling and she assured me that it would most likely go away by the 2nd trimester.

Hubby and I walked out with 3 tiny pictures of our little person....relieved and overcome with joy. I would like to thank my cyst for allowing me to get an ultrasound about 1 1/2 weeks early. I can't wait to hear that little heartbeat again on the 18th- what a beautiful sound.


  1. Congrats! I remember the first time I got to see my little one on ultrasound (also because of a scare) and it was amazing! She was just a teeny blob at that point but I loved every second of it. Now I look at that ultrasound pic from 10 months ago and can't believe how far she's come! Treasure this time, it really does fly by!

    I read in another post that you are having sore boobs. That was BIG for me in my first trimester, the were SO SORE and starting to get bigger already. Unfortunately the remained tender throughout the pregnancy but improved after the first trimester. Still I considered myself lucky since I never had any nausea. Anyway, I hope you are feeling better! Glad to hear baby is OK!

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