Monday, October 18, 2010

New Pump?

It's been a while since I've written. My busy life has caught up with me and I'm starting to find a new normal. Work has been crazy busy and we FINALLY hired another full time person- so I may just get my life back starting on Thursday.

Things on the baby front...well....cautiously slow.....we are attempting our 4th month of trying to conceive...and I'll leave it at that.

On the pump front, I looked down the other day and I noticed that my Insulin pump was cracked. It is cracked and chipping off right where you twist in the battery. I've already lost a little piece of the plastic and it won't be long before more of it cracks and falls off too- which leaves me to pump shopping.

I have not decided yet if I'm going to stay with Medtronic or try the Ping or OmniPod. Any thoughts from all you people out there who switched from a medtronic? Of course my pump is out of warranty- but what other option do I have? It's going to cost me nearly $3000 to get a new one- that's AFTER insurance covers it. Unfortunately, my insurance has a Medical device cap of $2500- so I have to pay the remainder regardless. As stated previously- I'm looking into other options but am slightly terrified to make a new change.

I'm going to the endocrinologist next week, so I've been wearing the sensor for the last week and will continue to do so through next week. It's still not working properly and I know I'm calibrating correctly. Hopefully the endo will be able to help me sort out the damn little thing!! It is one thing that is holding me back to sticking with Medtronic- I already have the sensor and will most likely want to wear it through a pregnancy....but I'm also not going to let that be the only thing since I hate it already.

On another note, my brother and SIL had their second attempt at IUI- we'll find out this week if it worked...have your prayers ready for them- it's SIL's birthday this week and it would be a welcome birthday wish come true!

Although I haven't written- I'm still reading all your posts out there! Glad to see everyone is doing well and happy :)


  1. I got the ping recently and like it a lot. I love the remote, makes it so much easier to bolus when out to dinner or in a meeting. I had a Medtronic years ago, and while I had no complaints, I love Animas.

    If you don't like the sensors, don't feel that you have to use them. You may have read that I tried them and got completely fed up in about two weeks. My endo was 100% fine with me not using it since he doesn't think they're all that helpful yet andmy A1Cs are fine without it.

    Baby dust to you and SIL!! Sending lots of prayers both your ways!

  2. I've had the Ping since January and love it. I didn't think I would love the pump but I do and I really think it's because it's the Ping. The meter remote is really convenient and the supplies that go with it are great (compact, easy to use and the infusion set is very comfy).

    As far as the CGM, I'm not in love with mine but I've not heard great reviews about them from anyone. I've heard the worst reviews regarding the Minimed CGM which is why I got the Dexcom. It's better but still has all the cons that they all do (inaccurate, cumbersome, umcomfortable).

    I agree with Annie. I wouldn't let the CGM be the thing that makes your decision for you. Make sure you pick the PUMP that works best for you. Especially since you are putting that much of your own money in it. (OUCH!) And don't be afraid to ask to trial it! I'm sure your Endo or local rep wouldn't mind!

    Wishing you luck on the baby front!