Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling blessed...

First of all- thank you ALL so much for your kind words and thoughts. It has been fabulous to use this blog as an outlet. I may be screaming in my own head constantly if I didn't have anyone to share my exciting news with. I'm just really praying that things continue to go well over the next 35 weeks.

The Hubby has been working extremely LONG hours over the past month-making it difficult to get really excited yet....even though we are at every moment we are together. I've barely seen him...which is why it is another miracle I am pregnant! I guess it's all about quality..not quantity! LOL!

At any rate....I thought I felt bad last week...but oh no....I'm feeling extremely exhausted as of this morning. I can't remember the last time I felt tired throughout an entire day. I felt bad at work this morning as I yawned in mid conversation. I know it was not dehydration because I'm drinking water like it's my job. I've invested in limes and cucumbers to had a little flava to my new drink of choice...aqua!

Beyond the tiredness, I have lots of cramping (kinda like a period). It usually comes in the evening and again in the morning. It's not painful, just constant...a gentle reminder that things are hopefully going well. I've only had nausea once...this morning...and it only lasted for a couple of minutes. I hope that's what it stops at...not just the beginning of what may be ahead...although I'll take every single pain and twinge for this little person inside of me.

I'm anxious about my doctor's appointment, it's a week away still. That doesn't seem normal, but I've been reading that it is...even PWD. My blood sugar has been pretty stable. I've run into a few highs and I promptly correct them- usually from eating something at a restaurant. I've been battling lows more than normal. I had a 42 this morning and some juice at work quickly took care of that. I haven't been that low in a long time, but it gave me a wake up call to always be prepared. This is just another reason that I'm anxious to see the doctor.

My boobs hurt like crazy...to the point that I'm really uncomfortable laying on my stomach or a tight hug...this just started within the past 2 days...hope this doesn't get worse.

In addition, I'm in a wedding at the end of August (I'll be 7 mo. prego) and in the process of bridesmaid dress shopping with a bunch of friends...whom I'm not ready to tell. I have to make a plan to go order a dress by myself...and then talk to the shop about ordering a dress 10x bigger...this should be an adventure...and a miracle if it fits correctly. Anyone have experience with this?

I will continue posting my journey as I move forward on this adventure. I found myself choked up this evening as I read another blogger's post about the loss of a baby at 19weeks 4days. I can't imagine...a gentle reminder for continued prayer for good health and a safe journey. I'm sure I'll share it all with you.

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  1. I somehow missed your very exciting news and just wanted to first say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you and wish you a non-complicated and very happy pregnancy! Take the exhaustion as a sign that the pregnancy is moving along as it should. The only way to get through the tough times is to remember that they are a sign of a healthy pregnancy. :)

    As far as the BM's dress, can you tell just the bride and ask her if you can get a different dress? I'm in a wedding three weeks after my due date so also have no idea what shape I'll be in, but our dress is one of those new ones that you can tie like 16 different ways--it's essentially just a sack with really long ties that you can then make into a thousand different looks. It's partially meant as a maternity dress, but looks good on anyone. Anyway, maybe the bride would let you get a different dress in the same color.

    Will absolutely say a prayer for you - I know the beginning is a stressful time so just stay positive and trust that all will be well! Can't wait to follow your story.